Winners, winners and more winners. :)

It feels like Christmas around here! And I’m Santa! Playing Santa is mighty fun! I have give away winner announcements and also: scholarship awardS (yes, you see an S there because though our anonymous donor had initially planned to hand out only one, we got so many moving applications that she promptly added 2 more scholarships in the mix and I added 3 too! So 6 lucky people are getting a Life Book 2014 scholarship!! Let’s start with them shall we?

Life Book 2014 Scholarships have been awarded to:

Maria Olsen
Cindy Wagner
Jan Johnson
Sanne Middendorp-van der Wegen
Meagan Sokol
Mindy Simmons


Congratulations everyone!

(all winners have been emailed)

(For all those who have applied but did not see their name on the list above: I’m so sorry petal, it was a tough and very close close call. A follow up email will come through next week and don’t give up hope, other sponsors might still come through too, big hugs) x


If you are someone who feels called to help a fellow human being out and you would like to donate a Life Book scholarship, please do so. There are so many people out there who could really benefit from Life Book but simply can’t afford it. You will bring rainbows, moonbeams, love and sparkle to another human being. Email me for more details willowing AT

Now for more winners!! YAYYYYY!

1 Space on Artsy Ornaments 2013 Winner:

Sylwia Gryczuk



4 Winners of my Stencils:

Janis in ID: winnerstencils4
La Osita Creativa: 







Sanet Richter: winnerstencils1 

Winner of Dawn’s Book Doodle Circle:

Sigrun Linda Karlsdottir:



Would all winners please email me on willowing AT



Another Give Away and New Art! :)

Hey ho you lovely buttercups! Guess what?! I’m in the awesome position to hold another give away (boy I so love my job! eeee!) and I also wanted to share some new art that I’ve been working on recently.

First up, the give away is for the Artsy Ornaments Workshop with Christy Tomlinson and another 11 AWESOME artists (hello Jenny Doh, Alisa Burke, Amy Tan etc)! This course OPENS TOMORROW!! And I can give away 1 space on the course! Woohoooo! :D

In my workshop we’ll be making this angel figurine:

Here are some more pics of what will be taught on this fun workshop:

Taught by Margie Romney-Aslett:

Taught by Alisa Burke:

Taught by Teresa Collins:

Those are just a few peeks! And you can be part of this workshop too! All you have to do to enter the give-away is leave me a comment below telling me which animal or animals you’d like to see in my next painting, I’ll choose one and actually also make a painting with your idea too! Fun! :)

If you can’t wait to find out if you won a spot in the give away, you can sign up to the workshop here.

Here are some of my latest paintings I’ve been working on.

In the first painting below I added a whale as inspired by the lovely Wyanne, who, btw, is going through a really rough time physically at the moment btw and could do with all your love, light and healing thoughts, I’d be so grateful if you send her some!


Love this painting so much. Dedicated to @wyanne  xox

And this painting has a mini giraffe and a tiny cat on her shoulder too! I love creating these magical, semi-surreal worlds, I love diving into this world and just get lost in the magic and colours! :D

Almost finished with this one too now. Am so loving creating these semi surreal magical worlds :)

I hope you like my new paintings and I can’t wait to read your ideas for new animals in my next paintings!



Life Book 2014 – Scholarship Information


Life Book touches the lives of so many people in so many ways; it’s pretty mind blowing. I receive emails daily from people sharing with me how Life Book changed or enriched their lives. (How lucky am I to be running it?!) :)

Last week I got an email from a wonderful person so excited about Life Book that she wrote this to me:

Dear Tam, I would like to gift a place on the course anonymously to someone unknown to me who could not necessarily afford the course themselves.

What a wonderful thing to want to do! So our anonymous donor is offering a scholarship for Life Book to one lucky person!

If you want to apply for this scholarship, please email me on willowing AT answering the following questions:

1. Have you done Lifebook before?
2. Why do you think you are the right candidate for the scholarship (Pls describe this in approx 50-100 words)
3. How do you think you will benefit from Lifebook 2014? (Pls describe this in approx 50-100 words)
4. What’s your favourite art journal background technique or favourite art supply?
I will forward your applications to our anonymous donor who will then choose a lucky recipient.
I will announce who receives the scholarship next week Friday 22nd November.
Remember that if finances are tough for you but you still really want to participate in Life Book 2014: payment plans are available – if you want to know more about monthly plans or plans for the different packages just email me! :) x
Over 660+ gorgeous souls have already signed up and are happily making friends in the private FB group! :D If you want to spend the year developing your artistic abilities, learning from some of the best artists out there, grow on a personal level and meet new artsy friends from all over the globe, then you’ve GOT to join us! :D It will be an experience you won’t forget! :D PS. All videos are downloadable so even if you need to take a break or if you run behind you can always watch the videos at a later date. See you there darling! :D