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July 14, 2023

*NEW* Free Video!

News and Inspiration in July! ♥️ Hello, dear friends! I hope this email finds you well, full of joy and plenty of creative time available to you. 💕 I am currently in the middle prepping the next round of Kaleidoscope and I’m so excited to be sharing with you how to paint this beautiful painting of Elizabeth Bennet Read More

March 17, 2023

New Products & Free Events

New Products and Free Events Yay! ♥️   OMG, so many cool things to share with you today! 🤩 First up: there are now TAM COLLAGE PAPER PACKS IN THE WORLD! HUZZAH! I’ve been wanting collage papers with my art on them for years, but always something got in the way of producing them. Then recently; the wonderful Heather from ArtStacks approached me Read More

February 20, 2023

The Kiss – 25% Off

25% off This Frequently Requested Class ♥️ Hello, dear friends! When I first posted this painting on social media, a lot of people asked if they could buy this class. At that time, this lesson was part of the larger Kaleidoscope course and wasn’t available as a short, standalone class, but: IT IS NOW! YAY! I Read More

February 15, 2023

More Self Love – Valentine 💜

Happy Self Love Valentine ♥️ Most of us are kind, caring and loving to others, but few of us grant ourselves the same care, love and kindness that we give to those we love. So on Valentine’s Day each year I like to invite my wonderful creative friends, to deepen their relationship with themselves and remind Read More

December 15, 2022

I’m going on a retreat, will you come! 🤩

Dear  <<First Name>>, The process of self empathy plays a huge role in my personal healing journey. Those of you’ve who’ve been on Life Book with me for a while will have joined me for an art lesson that included some kind of version of self empathy. I think extending kindness, love and understanding to ourselves in times of Read More

November 17, 2022

New Tote Bags & More! Yay! 🤩

Wow! So many exciting and inspiring things to share with you this week! 😊 First up, I wanted to let you know that I was interviewed for this really cool event called the ‘Creative Arts Apothecary’ by the delightful Marina Tselner! On this summit, a variety of expert speakers from around the world will be revealing their techniques for unlocking Read More

October 05, 2022

Scholarships for Life Book 2023!

  Applications Now Closed Hey lovely friends! Last month, we ran many giveaways as part of the Life Book 2023 Taster Sessions, we ended up giving away 30 spots on Life Book 2023! Wowsa! :) The winners of these giveaways were randomly chosen, not based on financial situations, so now it is time to open up Read More

July 25, 2022

Okay, now this is cool!

How is life in your corner of the world? I hope you’re keeping safe and grounded in these times of turmoil, if you’re struggling; I understand and hold you in my heart. I love you, I’m sorry. It’s hard, I know. Life continues to be difficult for many of us. The only way I know Read More

November 19, 2021

Book of Days & Make a Journal ep.8

How are you over there? Are you settling into the end of the 2021 year? To be honest with you: it’s all been a bit of a blur to me, still so much is going on with the pandemic and general turmoil; I’ve been pretty down/ blue with it all. At times I just want Read More

October 29, 2021

Poetry & Art

I just had a coaching session with the amazing Sarah Peyton (she does trauma work) in which we discussed how sometimes we find vices that provide a sense of comfort that usually mothering provides. It was a fascinating session and reminded me how important it is to develop a practice of gentle self care that includes respectful self-connection and Read More

October 27, 2021

Scholarships for Life Book 2022!

  Applications Now Closed   Hey lovely friends! Last month, we ran many giveaways as part of the Life Book 2022 Taster Sessions, we ended up giving away 40 spots on Life Book 2022! Wowsa! :) The winners of these giveaways were randomly chosen, not based on financial situations, so now it is time to Read More

October 26, 2021

Self Empathy Portrait

How have you been doing since the Life Book Taster Sessions finished? Going through art withdrawal symptoms? I totally understand! When I don’t art for a while, I really feel it! Art withdrawal symptoms tend to manifest as feeling grumpy, ungrounded and stuck! Luckily there are always solutions to art withdrawal! Firstly; come join us on Life Read More